Alien Cityscapes 11.75″ x 36″ (WIDESCREENS) 26-50


26 Molecule City

26.) Molecule City

Has this city been abandoned or has some form of natural roots been propigated. Perhaps this is an attempt to rekindle lost or endangered plant life. Row upon row of city-scape formations are positioned both above and below. Who knows for how many layers.



27 City of Wall 2 Wall Apartments Tifs

27.) City of “Wall To Wall Apartments”

Apartment temporary shelters built directly into and as a wall. No longer are nomads trapped or closed off from city populations. Now they have a place to live in peace on their own terms. Perhaps this could be considered the birth of a new country or people.



28 City of Elegance

28.) City of Elegance

A place in space. Are these ships or buildings or both? The difference seems interchangeable. Smaller scouts venture farthest away. Closer to this construction are larger assemblages. What they are doing other than surviving is anybody guess.



30 Garden of Fireworks

30.) Garden of Fireworks

Solar powered plants glow and spark providing illumination to their environment. But more is happening here than just a simple night light. This is a garden of living fireworks where the show is never over.



32 City of Zero G

32.) City of Zero G

An inside view of related components that may have acted as a computer or internet system. Obviously they have no need of physical connections as they float. This may be the remaining insides of a vessel destroyed long ago. Only the machines live on computing equations and recording data that is no longer necessary. Someone or something forgot to turn the lights out.



33 City of Flame

33.) City of Flames

Is this a fire that blazes before a city? It burns but consumes the buildings not. Perhaps safety from an enemy exists in the camouflage illusion of flames. If this culture has chosen to live within burning walls they must truly wish to be left alone.



34 City of Protection

34.) City of Protection

A view through the protection of shields from the inside. What threat is faced this day? Outside are several dissimilar craft. Is this a fleet of war or will technology survive technology?



35 World of Tree Clouds

35.) Plant Cloud World

11.75″x 36″ Digital Print This world’s nature rules supreme. Bush-clouds float in the sky as commonly as typical plant life grows on the ground. The atmosphere is not only created by plants but is also inhabited by them. But there is evidence of something more purposeful. A single central architectural form presides over this landscape amongst rainbows and forest. Finally one thing alone seems capable of independent movement.



36 Natural Society Longwd Grdns

36.) Natural Society LG

A complete self sustaining habitat. Gravity is demonstrated as water falls down steps. There is an obvious up and down. Life here appears to self recycle, maintaining atmosphere organically. Surplus nutrients are gathered through holes in the floor and then redistributed throughout.



37 Spectrum Fuzz City

37.) Spectrum Fuzz City



38 City of Layers CBK NJ

38.) City of Layers CBK HL



39 Singularity City

39.) Singularity City



40 Islands of Flesh

40.) Islands of Flesh

11.75″ x 36″ Digital Print - A society existing in an atmospheric mist of its own byproducts. What at first appear to be space-faring vehicles may actually be living organisms. Brains may be stores of knowledge, controlling cities and daily functions.