Alien Cityscapes

David A. Karasow’s Alien Cityscapes are a unique universe created entirely from through digital photography collage.  Initiated by his interest in science fiction and driven by his curiosity about what alien civilizations my look like, David began seeing parts of distant worlds through objects he encountered every day.  He would photograph these earthly objects and through digital manipulation and collage create otherworldly environments.  Everyday items took on a dual identity as both individual object and as part of a larger imagined universe.  Using his own photographs and Adobe Photoshop shapes were cut out, scale manipulated and items made transparent and duplicated.  The pieces were then put together like building blocks and through imagination and persistence new worlds were born.

All Alien Cityscapes are available for sale.  Contact for more information.

View through the Void 50.) Life Cycle

48.) Adrift0.1 Clock Scale

0.2) Space Bubbles1.) Alien Home

40.) Frenzy41.) Lighthouse

42.) Garden's End43.) Swirl

44.) Secret City45.) Temple

46.) Dividing Wall47.) Probes

52.) Survey 54.) Growth

55.) Invasive 56.) Gathering

57.) Wormhole 58.) Perspective Plane

ArrivalBlack Hole

Brain Tunnel Cave of Technology

Circuit Cityscape Colony Company

Cosmos On H2O Under Observation Cosmos On H2O

Crystal Pink World Doorways

Emerald Realm Geometric Encounters

Golden City Guards of Water

Landing Zone Moon Cover

Moon Makers Mushroom World

Nest World Offspring of Crystal

Opposing Worlds Path of Energy

Peacock Feathers Pearl of Poluttion

Pedestal Forum Planet X

Pollen and Spores Rainbow Defenders

Smoke Seed Mountains Solar Search

Solitare City Spaceship Buildings

Star Reachers Star Star Ship City

Star Starships Battle Triangle City


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